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Capital Recovery Inc's Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions
Capital Recovery, Inc. is a collection agency which operates its business in compliance with all local, state and federal laws, including the Fair Debt Collection Act and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.  As a result, we obtain certain information from our clients which may be disclosed to third parties as a function of our compliance with these laws, in the operation of our business.  This information is often classified as “non-public personal information”, and is obtained from the following sources:

1.    Information we receive from you regarding debts to be collected, and the source, nature and history of all such debts.  
2.    The original creditor of all such debts, if different from you.
3.    Information about your transactions with us, our attorneys and other affiliates.
At CRI, we protect your privacy to the fullest extent allowed by law, since our customers and clients are our most valuable asset.  We restrict the release of any information in our possession to those releases required by law, and all persons, employees, attorneys and associates are required by CRI, as well as any other person, firm or business entity which might come into possession of the information to protect it and keep it confidential.  We do not disclose any non-public personal information except as described in this Notice.
We may be required, from time to time, to disclose non-public personal information to litigants involved in the collection process, as well as the various state and federal Courts used by CRI to collect receivables and past due debts.  Once the disclosure is made within the Court system, it is generally open to the public, however, we endeavor to protect the disclosure of that information to the general public within the bounds of the law.
Objectives – Capital Recovery Inc. has created this privacy statement in order to document and communicate its commitment to doing business with the highest ethical standards and appropriate internal controls. Explicit Information Gathering - You can examine our entire web site without providing any information whatsoever. However, our Web site's contact/email information request function requires users to give us contact information. This information is used to provide information to those who inquire about our products and services and to handle related business matters. This information is also used to get in touch with customers when necessary. The information gathered through this Web site will not be used to notify you about unsolicited products and services.
Cookies - We sometimes use an Internet device called a cookie to store login or other information on your computer. A cookie is a small amount of information that a web site transfers to your computer's hard drive. We use cookies to simplify your access and to tailor our services to your needs and interests. For some services, we offer users the choice of having an ID or password stored in a cookie so that you do not need to re-enter it when you return to the site. In theory no other site can read a cookie set by Capital Recovery, Inc, and we cannot read a cookie that another web site wrote to your computer. Most Internet browsers are set to accept cookies. Users can reset browsers to refuse cookies and still use our web site, although access may be slower and less convenient.
Covert Information Gathering - Our site does not covertly capture information regarding the specific activities of any particular user.  We do not use cookies, web bugs, or any other active content mechanism to capture or maintain information about users without their prior consent. The only personal information that we capture has been specifically submitted to us through the email information request function. We do not store any persistent information on your computer.
Information Usage - When you disclose personal information to us, it may be used or disclosed in accordance with Capital Recovery’s normal course of business. The only exception involves disclosure to the government according to normal business practice, for instance for the collection of taxes, and according to the orders of a court, for example responding to a subpoena or search warrant.  We do not disclose or re-distribute any personal information without prior consent, except in the normal and ordinary course of doing business as a debt collector.
Links to Other Sites - This site contains a number of links to other sites. Capital Recovery, Inc. is not responsible for the security or privacy practices of these sites, the products or services offered by these sites, or the content appearing at these sites. Security Measures - Our site is protected with a variety of security measures such as change control procedures, passwords, and physical access controls. We also employ a variety of other mechanisms to ensure that data you provide is not lost, misused, or altered inappropriately. These controls include data confidentiality policies and regular database backups.